Planning permission and building regulations are two different things:

All log houses for residential purposes must comply to UK planning and building regulations which are very different.

1. Planning permission this allows you to carry out the building of your new home after you have obtained approval to do so.

2. Building regulations approval is a safeguard that allows any work which is carried out must be done in a structurally safe manner and in accordance with all building regulations that are currently in force.

A general rule is if you intend to build a structure that is intended for residential use, of any kind, you are advised to approach your local planning office and inquire if you will need planning permission to go ahead with the development of your new log house.

Generally if the building is just for leisure use, or to be constructed in your garden as a office, and your structure has a less than 30 sqm floor area and is more than 1m from any boundary’s  then you may not need any planning permission or building regulation.

If your structure will be in excess of 30 sqm for your internal floor area then building regulations approval should be checked.

Also if any buildings are attached or sited very close to a house need to be checked as they may be considered as extensions to the house and can require planning and building permission.

There are certain circumstances for example where a log building is to be sited within a 1m boundary or house and you may be required to fire proof at the wall facing the boundary or house to a Class 0 fire resistance which is to ensure you limit the risk of any fire spreading.

Which can be achieved quite easily by transparent surface treatments just do some research and make sure it will pass any approval. Also you may be advised to limit the number of doors and windows that are exposed to the boundary or house.

It can be very confusing as there can be a lack of consistency between different planning and building control authorities this is because they seem to interpret the regulations in very different ways.

For more information on planning and building permission go to the government website.



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The log house roof.

The roof you use on your log house will largely depend on your locality and what the building inspector says you have got to have, these houses can be constructed to take any type of roofing material although it is highly recommended that you go for a full sheet tile effect metal roof as these are very strong and long lasting, furthermore you will not have tiles blowing off in the gales and they are virtually non-maintenance. The roof structure
will vary depending on the type of log house you decide to build, some will have an “A” frame structure others will have a Cathedral ceiling, these are constructed using full-length gluelam beams which are usually left exposed as a feature within the roof and the installation is built in above these, whereas if you use an”A” frame roof you can either opt for a traditional ceiling in the rooms or have a roof void where you can possibly have an attic space for storage.


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Log Bungalows can be used for residential, holiday or commercial use.

A log house is a one story bungalow design using glulam logs which allows the creation of unique construction masterpieces that can be altered to suit your own requirements and they can be used as  a comfortable holiday retreat, holiday home or commercial use  they can all play an important role in UK leisure activities. Building a house in brick or stone can be extremely expensive, and planning permission may not always be easy to obtain. An acceptable log bugalow would still provide all the creature comforts you expect with great style and all the necessary conveniences to suit modern expectations.
While many competitive models may seem superficially similar, the difference lies under the skin which will manifest over time. So do not fall for low prices as there is probably a good reason why it is so cheap and you may regret your bargain later on. It is worth making an effort to find out as much as you can as well as being prepared to pay more for a quality product  it will turn out cheaper in the long run.


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why do some log houses use glulam logs.

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Modern log homes are made using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques using a glulam logs this process is wear the logs from a tree having been cut in half with the center of the log in both halves is turned to face the outside, then the two log pieces are glued together. the benefits of using this process is that the logs are at least 10 times stronger than they would be if left as one solid block of wood. by using glulam log the designed houses can be created in many styles from a traditional log house to a stylish town house.

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Bespoke log holiday homes.

Log Holiday Homes

Log Holiday Homes

A bespoke log house can be adjusted so it is better suited your own requirements which makes these leisure buildings the ideal choice when it come to buying a holiday home with many sizes and styles on today’s market from different manufactures.

Not only can these log Holiday home turn out to be less expensive than building a holiday house out of bricks or stones, these log buildings can usually be a much easier building to get planning permission for.

log cabin holiday homes

log cabin holiday homes

These holiday buildings will still provide the same creature comforts as a brick building with all the necessary conveniences to suit today’s expectations, some holiday houses available many look similar in style but those similarity can be superficial and the structure of the building is of a lesser quality and you would want to buy a holiday home that is going to last for many years.

Finding out as much information about the types of logs different manufactures use will not only determine the quality of the holiday houses each company supplies it will also prevent you buying a lesser quality building which will develop problems over time such as warping and twisting of the logs. you can on the types of logs used by log house manufacturers.

luxury log holiday houses

luxury log holiday houses

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Granny Annexes

What is a granny annex?

Granny annexes are self contained garden rooms which not only help provide an extra room when one is needed they are within easy reach of the main home.

This makes these garden building the ideal choice when it comes to an elderly relatives not only will they be close at hand if needed you will have piece of mind knowing they are close by if anything happens.

They would still have there own independence and privacy when the hustle and bustle of main house gets to much for them and by having a separate building away from the main dwelling they will fell more at home.


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