Log Houses Make Great Homes.

Wooden dwellings have long been popular in the far Northern
regions of the world. Log construction in these areas is
still favored for building for its good properties and ease
of construction. People here still remember the old
tradition that log houses make great homes.

The UK tradition is quite different, where brick, stone or
Tudor type construction is more common and logs seem
primitive.In fact, the words lead people to conjure up
Hollywood frontier scenes. The reality is that modern
construction is as sophisticated and have the comfort
associated with any other material.

The wood for these buildings comes from norther forests
which are renewable. The heartwood is used to craft
laminated logs which improve on the natural state. Glulam is
durable and has a regular shape, and will also not shrink or
warp like normal logs. There is no need to fill cracks
between the logs with moss to block droughts.


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