A log house must have a concrete base.

Once you have planning permission for a log house and have started to look around at different log home that are available it is important to remember that a log house will need a concrete base.This base can be constructed by a professional builder or groundwork’s company that have built bases for log houses. The concrete base that is raised above soil level by approximately 300 mm this is so any of the rain splashing up from the soil does not soil the bottom logs of your log home and damaging your building. This base will need to be constructed according to your local building control regulations, you will need to find out what kind of base you are going to require before buying the log house this is vitally important as it may have to build onto pillows if you are constructing the base onto a soft surface and this will mean the log company will need to design the sub-frame of your log home differently this in turn will affect the cost of your log house.


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