Living in a Log Home.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a log house, I’m not talking about a log cabin I really do mean a log house, as there is a vast difference between log cabins and log houses. A genuine log house is a wonderful healthy place to live in and bring up your family as log houses correctly constructed breathes both inwards and outwards naturally replacing the air and keeping the whole house fresh this is done without losing any heat because instead of using inert insulation materials you would use breathable natural insulation.

There are many companies in many countries offering log houses which are really no more than adapted log cabins and would not meet the UK planning and building regulations, on the surface they appear to be a very cheap alternative to building a bricks and mortar structure, although by the time you have adapted these to meet the regulations they will cost far more than purchasing a genuine log house in the first place.



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