Building control or planning permission ?

All log houses that are going to be used as residential homes must comply with the  UK planning and building regulations theses are two very different policies.

Planning permission will allow you to carry out the construction of your new home only if it has been approved that you may build a log house on your land or plot, it is advisable to seek advice from a experienced planning consultant, as they can provide information about the fees and other costs that will be involved with making a planning application. They may also be able to advise you if there are any delays or abortive costs which can arise if you are refused planning permission.

Building regulations approval means that all building work that is carried out must be done in accordance with all building regulations that are in force this safeguard is required when you construct certain structures in the UK. The different stages of the building process is also inspected and checked that it meets the standards required set by the building regulations and will be checked by the building control body (BCB).

It is advisable to approach your local planning office to ask for advice on which type you are going to need whether it is planning permission to go ahead with the construction of your new log house or if you only need building regulations approval.


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