A Log House


The log house made with heartwood glulam logs has allowed these wonderful homes to be built to any design from a traditional log house to a modern and bold home, by using gluelam logs it has enabled many improvements in the manufacturing process and also in the construction of log homes.

Not only is the heartwood of a tree the strongest part to use when making a gluelam log, not only is it a very strong and robust material it can also prevent any cracking and distortion of the logs.

This makes it the ideal choice when it comes to building a log house, many company’s will also build a home to your own specifications and requirements so your new home is better suited to your needs.

There is usually different log wall thickness to choose from when creating a log home if you choose a the thickest log size additional insulation may not be required, If insulation is going to be needed the best one to choose would be a wood fiber as this will still allow your home to breath.

The glulam log can be precision made using up to date manufacturing techniques and equipment, to create some amazing masterpieces.

house exterior 12

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