Prefab log houses wall thicknesses.

Most log house manufacturers will offer a selection of different wall thicknesses for many of there log house designs, these log can vary from 88 mm to 270 mm. when purchasing a log home for residential use it is highly recommend that the minimum log thickness you choose should be 112mm along with  a 100 mm insulation on the interior wall along with either 12 mm plasterboard or 15 mm log paneling will provide you with a very warm and well insulated home.

Log Thicknesses

Log Thicknesses

When you have the right log thickness and insulation in place you will be surprised at how warm and cozy your new log home will be, by buying a top quality home you must make sure that you have high quality windows and doors so none of your heat will be lost.

Logs for log homes

Logs for log homes

By choosing the right wall thickness will help only help with any heating and insulation costs it will provide a better home that will last for many years without any problems arising, unlike a poor quality built log home with substandard windows and doors that tend to swell or twist creating droughts and structural problems with your log home later on.

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