Protecting the logs of your new log home.

Protecting Your New Log Home.

Protecting Your New Log Home.

Once you have built your own log house you will need to treat the exterior and interior logs of your new home with a quality wood preservative. One of the best preservatives available is a natural oil based preservative which not only allows the wood of your new log home to breath but also helps maintain the woods elasticity making it the best way product to treat your interior and exterior wood.

There are many different colours to choose from in each of the interior and exterior oil based preservatives from a natural look to a bold and bright finish,  each of the interior and exterior preservatives having different quality’s such as UV protection or stain resistant each preservative will be specially formulated for the interior or exterior of your home.

Not only are oil based preservative environmentally friendly you would only need to treat your logs every 4 to 5 years, where as using a water-based or spirit based product you would have to retreating your log house every two years.

The most important part of using any wood preservative is to make sure that it not only colours your wood but the ingredients it contains will also preserve and protect the interior and exterior wood.

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