self build log houses

self build log house that is made and constructed from heartwood glulam logs is not only a top quality solid structure it has also allowed these log homes to be built to any design, these designs range from a traditional log house to a modern and bold home. Not only is the glulam log the best material to use in log house construction it also means that a log house manufacturing company can offer a service which allows them to build a home to your own specifications and requirements.

real log homes

real log homes

The gluelam logs has also enabled many improvements in the manufacturing process and the construction of log homes, this is due to the qualities of using only the heartwood of a tree in a glulam log which is not only the strongest part of a tree it a robust and strong material that can prevent your log home from cracking and distorting which would happen if the log building was make with the softer outer wood of a tree.

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