Log Bungalows can be used for residential, holiday or commercial use.

A log house is a one story bungalow design using glulam logs which allows the creation of unique construction masterpieces that can be altered to suit your own requirements and they can be used as  a comfortable holiday retreat, holiday home or commercial use  they can all play an important role in UK leisure activities. Building a house in brick or stone can be extremely expensive, and planning permission may not always be easy to obtain. An acceptable log bugalow would still provide all the creature comforts you expect with great style and all the necessary conveniences to suit modern expectations.
While many competitive models may seem superficially similar, the difference lies under the skin which will manifest over time. So do not fall for low prices as there is probably a good reason why it is so cheap and you may regret your bargain later on. It is worth making an effort to find out as much as you can as well as being prepared to pay more for a quality product  it will turn out cheaper in the long run.


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