Planning permission and building regulations are two different things:

All log houses for residential purposes must comply to UK planning and building regulations which are very different.

1. Planning permission this allows you to carry out the building of your new home after you have obtained approval to do so.

2. Building regulations approval is a safeguard that allows any work which is carried out must be done in a structurally safe manner and in accordance with all building regulations that are currently in force.

A general rule is if you intend to build a structure that is intended for residential use, of any kind, you are advised to approach your local planning office and inquire if you will need planning permission to go ahead with the development of your new log house.

Generally if the building is just for leisure use, or to be constructed in your garden as a office, and your structure has a less than 30 sqm floor area and is more than 1m from any boundary’s  then you may not need any planning permission or building regulation.

If your structure will be in excess of 30 sqm for your internal floor area then building regulations approval should be checked.

Also if any buildings are attached or sited very close to a house need to be checked as they may be considered as extensions to the house and can require planning and building permission.

There are certain circumstances for example where a log building is to be sited within a 1m boundary or house and you may be required to fire proof at the wall facing the boundary or house to a Class 0 fire resistance which is to ensure you limit the risk of any fire spreading.

Which can be achieved quite easily by transparent surface treatments just do some research and make sure it will pass any approval. Also you may be advised to limit the number of doors and windows that are exposed to the boundary or house.

It can be very confusing as there can be a lack of consistency between different planning and building control authorities this is because they seem to interpret the regulations in very different ways.

For more information on planning and building permission go to the government website.



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