Treating your wood.

Treating the timber of your log house once it is constructed is the best way to preserve your wood but you must use a good quality wood preservative to treat the timber, There is a wide selection of colors available just make sure that when you are choosing a colored wood preservative check that it will not only colors the timber but it will also preserve
your wood.
A natural oil based preservative is preferable as they are environmentally friendly and are long lasting this means you will not have to re-treat your log building for probably 4 or 5 years, but with a water or spirit based wood preservative you would need to retreat the timber every 2 years.
Treating the wood of your log house helps to protect it against disease and insects whilst keeping your timber in good condition and looking great.



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Luxury Log Home


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Log House Video

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log house construction

When it comes to log house construction choosing the right wall thickness is an important choice, as there are usually different log wall thickness to choose and this will determine whether or not you would need to add any insulation and how thick this insulation is going to have to be to keep your log home warm in the winter months. Some of the thickest glulam log available may not need any additional insulation, as the thickness of the log will provide enough insulation for even the coldest day, this is because wood has it very own insulating properties. If you do need to add additional insulation the best one to choose is an insulation made with wood fiber because this type will still allow the wood of your new log home to breath.

Log Thicknesses

Log Thicknesses

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Log Home Windows and Doors

When it comes to the windows and doors of your log house thy can vary considerably in only the quality but also the price, one of the may downside to having cheap doors and windows is that are usually prone to swelling and twisting with the ever changing weather conditions. If the windows and doors which you choice for your log home are made from the heart wood of the tree they will be less susceptible to twisting and warping with some beautiful designs of both windows and doors available today if you have chosen carefully they can turn what might have been a very ordinary house into a palace but poorly chosen ones can ruin the project.


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Wall Log Thickness

why is the log thickness of a log building important for any log house there is a minimum recommended thickness of 70mm  and each company will have a selection of thicknesses to choice from and as long as you have the right amount of insulation in place you will be surprised at how warm and cozy your home but it is best to get high quality windows and doors or all your heat will be lost, as lesser quality windows and doors may swell or twist creating droughts in your log home.


Log Thicknesses

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Log Home Kits

Many kit log homes have a traditional log house design with a log paneling interior to give it an authentic look and feel, so it is understandable that many people don’t know you can get a log home building in a modern day town house design with an up to date interior decoration, both of these designs still have a solid structure and a make a much healthier home to live in.

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